Bonnie Yule-Kuehne

My first experience of the Christian faith was at age 5, when my non-churchgoing parents dropped me off at the local church to attend a week long Sunday school style programme running during the summer break. When I later asked them why they would bring their child to church when they had no interest in it themselves, they replied that they thought it would teach me to obey my parents, not lie etc. They did not expect that I would come to have some kind of faith and especially not a faith that, from that point on, has been the guiding light of my life!

During that week I was introduced to a Creator God who loved me. I remember announcing proudly to my parents I became a Christian today! and their slightly worried faces as they replied That's nice, dear. My mother relates that it was my questions about the Trinity, questions she could not understand, let alone answer, that led her and my father to attend church with me. About a year later they both came to faith. From the mouth of babes …..

It was in University and later in GraduateSchool that I saw many of my Christian friends begin to make decisions that moved them further away from their faith. However, I also saw that it was by attending an Alpha course that many of my friends either came to faith or came back to their faith. It is the format of the Alpha course that appealed -- a chance to chat over a meal, followed by a talk on subjects such as 'Who is Jesus?' and 'How can I have Faith?', and ending with small group discussion where time and space is given to each person to say what they really think. It was seeing my friends come to faith that encouraged me to come to work for Alpha in 2001, looking initially at the Alpha course globally before becoming Development Director for the UK. The vision for Alpha is to play our part in the re-evangelisation of the UK and the transformation of society and it is a huge privilege to worktogether withCASE in giving people in the UK the opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus.